Turn a terracotta pot into a cute hostess gift

Turn terracotta pot into a cute hostess gift

Blog posts on Artfully Carin may contain affiliate links to products or services I think are awesome. For more information, see my disclosures page.. Hey lovelies, It’s been a while. How are you? Summer treating you okay? I don’t know about you, but we socialise a lot in the summer. If we head over to […]

How to make a messenger bag

How to make a messenger bag

DIY trailing butterfly planter

DIY butterfly planter

I have a lovely outdoor DIY project for you today- a trailing butterfly planter. We have spent the past few years gradually clearing and planning our garden. The garden was one of the major selling points when we viewed the house, it was just gorgeous, but as soon as we moved in we realised almost everything was planted […]

How to make a personalised father’s day banner

How to make a personalised Father's Day banner

Hey lovelies, Thanks for your lovely comments on my a day in my life post! You cracked me up with your comments on me getting up so early. Today I’m back with another tutorial. This Father’s Day banner is a great craft for families with kids of different ages since there is something everyone can do. […]

A day in my life

a day in my life

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I fit in blogging and making arts and crafts with being a stay at home mum. I wrote a series on how I don’t fit it all in a few years back, but I still get asked that question a lot, so today I’m […]

Kirby’s big boy bedroom

Kirby's big boy bedroom

I’m so happy to finally show you Kirby’s big boy bedroom. I did it up in time for his birthday in January, but I couldn’t decide if I should get curtains for his room or just have the blinds, so I never took photos of it. The other day I updated some baskets in his room […]

Kids crafts: fun, personalised wrapping paper

fun, personalised wrapping paper kids can do themselves in minutes

I love easel paper and always have a roll or two in my craft room. It’ so handy. I use it all the time. I cut off large pieces for the kids to draw on, I roll it out on the craft table when we’re drawing with markers or painting to catch the spills (then […]

Shortlisted for the Brilliance in Blogging awards 2015 !


Yesterday was a bit surreal. I found out that Artfully Carin has been shortlisted in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging awards 2015 for crafts!!! I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw that several of my favourite bloggers mentioned having been shortlisted in their categories, and clicked over to see who else was on the list. I nearly spat my […]

4 ways to make your own wooden charms and embellishments

4 ways to make your own wooden charms and embellishments

I have been making my own wooden charms and embellishments since I first started crafting with balsa wood. I usually make a big batch of them in one go and keep them in a jar in the craft room so I always have some to hand when I need them. So far I’ve added them to key chains, […]

6 tips for working with balsa wood

6 tips for working with balsa wood

I have loved crafting with balsa since I first came across it. It has the lovely look of wood, but is incredibly easy to work with, so is good for a lot of fun projects. But I know most people have never heard of it before, unless they know someone who makes models, so I thought I’d […]