Archives for October 2009

Mini-makeover: the craft corner

Because the little changes always mean the most… After three years without a craft-room, after three years of living with craft supplies spread all over the house, I finally decided enough was enough and carved out a little craft corner for myself in the guest-room recently. Cross-stitches came off the wall to make space for new shelves […]

Santa’s list cross-stitch card

Shown a little later than planned, but Aoife is quite poorly, so our lives are all about kisses and cuddles, comfort and power naps at the moment. Crafting can wait. Anyway, this is the last freebie card set design I’ll show you from Enjoy cross stitch at Christmas 2009 for a while. Now let’s see what next week brings. Have […]

Christmas penguin cross-stitch card

Or the wing wing as my daughter calls it. She’s also turning into quite the photography assistant (start them young I say!) as you can see! Great close up there, hon!   The design is once again from Enjoy cross stitch at Christmas 2009. I think I only have one design left to show you […]

Little Miss Santa cross-stitch card

Yes, the mad stitching of Christmas cards from Enjoy cross stitch at Christmas 2009 continued over the weekend. I had hoped for some craft-room time so I could work on a larger project I have in mind, but it didn’t happen. Oh well. There’s always next weekend. Have a great week!

Christmas Reindeer

The next one in the series of freebie cards from Enjoy cross stitch at Christmas 2009. They are quick and easy to make so are a great to do with a toddler around. Have a lovely weekend!

Embellished cross stitch cards: igloo and fire place

These sweet little embellished cross stitch cards are part of a 6-piece freebie kit (with 9 designs to choose from) from the UK magazine Enjoy cross stitch at Christmas 2009, which I couldn’t help but pick up when I saw it in the news stands (so much for me stitching from stash only for a […]