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Our sweet Aoife was 3 yesterday and it was a magic day for a magic number. I love the simplicity and wonder of this age. When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday, her requests were simple and to the point; milkshake, cake, and a trip to the playgroup she goes to. Anything else was a bonus. So […]

Birthday Crown

I did it! I set my fear of sewing aside for a while just before the weekend to make this lovely birthday crown from Soulemama’s book The Creative Family for Aoife. She chose the colours (and the Swede in me is just a teensy bit proud). It’s not really visible on the photo, but there are three hearts, one for […]

Small felt Christmas wreath

  As my love of felt continues and grows, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I made a wreath. I have been drooling over them on Flickr for months. I had hoped to make one out of felted jumpers, but have not found many wool jumpers in the charity shops (thrift shops) this […]

Learning to appreciate the process of creativity

I believe one of my greatest lessons in life is patience. I have always lived with a constant sense of urgency, a need to get things done now, RIGHT THIS MINUTE, and pretty perfectly at that. While I may now finally understand the reasons why, I can’t say it has made my creative path particularly smooth. […]

Simple felt pencil cases

I just love felt right now. There is something inherently warm and fuzzy about it which suits this time of year. It is a perfect medium for the transition into winter. Not that I’m used to working in it. In fact I think I have only worked in felt once before in my adult life; earlier this […]