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Art journal: Two Lives & Shine!

Ever see a journal page with a mind of it’s own? Two Lives Well, now you have!  Honestly, this was the most stubborn journal entry I’ve ever worked with! It had no intentions of ever doing what I wanted it to do. In the end, I just had to accept that it wanted to be […]

Side by side

I hear some mothers complain their children come back from preschool covered in paint. It makes me laugh. In our case, Aoife often goes to preschool covered in paint! Before leaving the house now we have to look each other over; clean clothes- check, clean hair & face- check, clean hands & nails- near enough, […]

Welcome Spring

  Spring is by far my favourite season. I adore it. I love the mild, fresh air against my face as I slowly start to strip off each weighty layer of winter clothing. I become happier and more energised with each layer dropped. I love the bright, gorgeous colours of spring. They’re so clean, fresh and […]

Just Say Yes!

Out of all the ones I’ve made so far, this is my favourite. I had so much fun making it. As you can see, I’m definitely ready to say yes to myself again! Have a great weekend everyone! I’m off to the Stitch & Craft show in London at the weekend and can’t wait to […]

To Have and To Hold cross-stitch

Oddly, in the 15 years I’ve cross-stitched, I’ve never made us a wedding sampler! Now, with a bedroom remodel just around the corner and our 15th wedding anniversary coming up too,  it seemed the right time. This is one of three sepia-style cross-stitches I’m making for the new bedroom. I’ll wait to frame them until I’ve […]

Bloom where you are planted

  Bloom where you are planted I started working on this at the weekend and kind of surprised myself. I had planned on making the leaves out of newspaper cuttings, adding yet another layer, but realised a little too late the local freebie rag had been thrown in the recycling. Oh well. As for the message- the lovely, bright […]

Art journal catch up

I’ve been a busy bee. I don’t believe practice makes perfect (be gone evil witch, be gone!), but I do believe practice pays off. I feel as if I have turned a corner this week. I’m starting to loosen up a bit more, feel a bit more comfortable with it all, and have a gazillion page […]

Inspiration: Art Journals

1. Purple bird – art journal page,2. Art Journal – I want to get off, 3. Art Journal: 10-4-08, 4. If you love what you have (art journal_, 5. Art journal page two, 6. Art Journal, 7. Art Journal Exchange, 8. Art Journal – Grace inside a Sound, 9. page 8 of my art journal, […]

Art Journalling

Long before I had crafts, I had art. I was particularly fond of pencil drawing and water colours. At the time, I couldn’t care less for crafts. My mother and school tried to teach me the basics of many of the crafty things I love to do now, or want to do now but can’t remember […]