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Time For God cross-stitch

I’ve been quiet this week. I somehow managed to pull some muscles while gardening earlier this week, so have preferred the comfort of my sofa to the studio. This cross-stitch is the result. I’ve wanted to make something that speaks of our faith without being too full-on. The Time for God cross-stitch by Lizzie Kate is wonderful […]

Artistic Mother: week 1 backgrounds & art action plan

  I loved making these backgrounds for week 1 of “the Artistic Mother”. They were so soothing to make and I can see many different uses for them. My mind is already full of ideas. My first project was making an art action plan as described in the book. Now I just have to start […]

Together cross-stitch

The Together cross-stitch is the second of three sepia style cross-stitches I am making for the master bedroom remodel (the first one can be seen here). It’s a Vervaco kit on 14 count ecru Aida. The design measures 17cm x 22cm (6 3/4″ x 8 3/4″). I seem to be lucky to have found it in […]

Making space for art

Ever since we moved into this house 5 1/2 years ago I’ve kept my art supplies in the office, which is in a room off the garage on the other side of the garden. This, you see, is where I envisaged making art when we first looked around the house. It seemed the ideal studio space. […]

Artistic Mother: My Vision Statement.

I have an admission to make. Usually when I read a book like this and it asks for a vision statement, I skip over it. I really did enjoy making this though. I have decided to share it here to hold myself accountable (especially since the last paragraph of the statement focuses on sharing with others). […]

The Artistic Mother Group

  Image from Shona Cole’s blog  I’m pleased as punch right now! I received my copy of the book The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole yesterday morning, and devoured it while Aoife happily played in the sand pit on her own. I had heard great reviews of the book on other blogs, seen some wonderful projects made […]

Decopatch name sign

I’ve wanted to make a name sign for Aoife’s room for ages. I considered making a bunting style one, but if you know what I’m like with sewing, you know that was a non-starter! I didn’t want to cross-stitch her one. The poor child sees enough of my cross-stitches every day. But I did want it to […]

Art journal: process, progress and where to go from here

 I’ve been looking over all my pages recently and am truly amazed how far I’ve come in just a little over a month (I made my first pages on the last day of February). I seem to create my pages in two ways: 1. I do the journalling first, then add paint and images based on what […]

Where’s Piggy?

Meet Piggy. He’s a very special member of our family. He started his life with us as my weight loss buddy, getting fed a pound (£) for every pound (lb) I lost. But that was then. As soon as Aoife saw him, she adopted him. It was love at first sight. He’s her book buddy. They […]