Archives for October 2010

Pregnancy update

28 weeks People have ever so kindly asked me in the comments, and through emails, how the pregnancy is going, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you all a quick update. It could be good for my own records too, since I’ve not been very good at keeping a pregnancy journal this time. […]

Art journal: I am Spirit

I am having so much fun in the studio right now. This spread was no exception. It was done for week 1 of the wonderful free ecourse Art, Heart & Healing over at Willowing. If you’ve hung around here a while you know I love drawing but haven’t done it in a good while, so it […]

Art Journal: Gold Nuggets

I treasure the early hour I have to myself before the rest of the family and neighbourhood wake up. It is like a mini-retreat. Quiet calm surrounds me, there’s no pressure to do or be, I can just quietly and peacefully set up the day. I use the time to think, journal, and pray. It focuses my […]

Artistic Mother: week 5 butterfly reminder

It is so lovely being back in the studio after the summer break. The first project on my mind when I got back was the butterfly reminder from week 5 of the Artistic Mother by Shona Cole, even though I dragged my feet a little towards the end (until Trudy gave me some common sense, […]

Everyday creativity

I love seeing the surprise and happiness in someone’s eyes when they realise they are creative beings after all. Creativity isn’t limited to a chosen few. We all have creative gifts whether we are aware of them or not. As artists or crafters we often put so much emphasis on studio time that we forget […]