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We celebrated a very special birthday on Friday. Our fun-loving little girl turned four. Four! I messed up and forgot to schedule the post I’d planned to post on her birthday (couldn’t believe it this morning when I came online and found it still in draft form on my dashboard). So today I give you […]

Scandinavian style felt star card

It’s that time of the year again when I pull out the warm, fussy felt and play. I promised myself I wouldn’t make any Christmas cards this year, but since this felt star card (and its many sisters) started its life as a mistake made good, I think I’m excused. I was making some Scandinavian style […]

Art, Heart & Healing: week 3, part 3- empathy monster

Meet Ziggy. He’s an empathy monster made for week 3 of the free willowing course Art, Heart & Healing. Apart from the zipper, I only used things from my stash, which was great. I love it when I can do that. As I stuffed his body yesterday evening I kept thinking of him as Ziggy. I  didn’t think that […]

Master bedroom update

We’re in. Just. Last night was the first night we slept in our new bed in our new room. And it was wonderful! There’s still lots to do, the room is bare to say the least, but we’re in. Can I just say that again, because it’s like music to my ears… we’re in! And […]

Art, Heart & Healing: week 3, part 2: celebration page

No, you haven’t missed anything. I’m a bit behind, so I’m doing week 3 and 4 of Art, Heart & Healing in a topsy turvy manner depending on what supplies I have to hand, or can get hold of first. I was floored by a heavy cold last week and am still weak as dish […]

Art, Heart & Healing: week 2, part 2- whimsies

Man, I continue to be completely bowled over by the amazing quality of the lessons of Tam’s free e-course Art, Heart & Healing. It’s just fantastic! For the second part of week 2 she taught us the basics of whimsies in an effort to turn around/ bring healing to a bad memory from the past. […]

Art, Heart & Healing: week 2, part 1- wishes for little me

In week 2 of of Tam’s wonderful e-course Art, Heart & Healing we alter a board book in two parts. The first part involves creating an image transfer of our baby or toddler self and writing positive life wishes for this child self. I loved making this page. I had never made image transfers before and […]