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Slowing down

   As you may have noticed from the low number of posts lately, life has slowed down quite a bit around here. I’m so happy that Aoife has 2 weeks off leading up to the c-section. It feels like a gift. A beautiful gift of time and closeness. I love that I get to spend this […]

Scandinavian Christmas

I’m really happy to let you know I’m guest posting two of my favourite Swedish Christmas sweet treat recipes over at the Pickled Herring today, ischoklad and knäck. Kathryn is on day 5 of a fabulous series called Scandinavian Christmas, with bloggers guest posting traditional Scandinavian Christmas crafts and recipes. Come check it out!

Crochet basket

I have a thing about baskets, I just can’t get enough of them, but they can be pretty expensive to buy. So what to do? Crochet your own of course! This basket was, in part, inspired by the Lidan baskets at IKEA. For years now, every time I have gone to IKEA I have looked at them and […]

Scandinavian felt star ornaments

I loved making the felt heart tree decorations last year, they added the Scandinavian touch I was after and looked really cute on the tree to boot, so this year I decided to make some felt star ornaments in the same style. Nothing says Scandinavian Christmas to me like hearts and stars. And despite my initial […]