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Kirby: 6 months

July 10, 2011 Our darling Kirby, At 6 months you :: are happy and content :: have 2 teeth :: are learning about food :: recognise the sign for milk (BSL) and try to copy it :: can roll over :: have enriched our lives in so many ways :: tap your leg when you […]

Aoife: 4 1/2

By the time I finally get around to posting this Aoife is nearly 2 months older than when I first started writing it, and has grown even more mature in that time, but I still want to post it. I want to remember the little things. ***  Our darling Aoife, At 4 1/2, you are long, […]

The inquisitive creative

 Oh man, I laughed so hard reading Mon’s post a creative meanderer this morning, I nearly choked on my tea. That’s me in a nutshell! So I thought I’d write my own list. These are the crafty/creative things I’ve tried at some point in my life. The things in bold I still do and love, […]