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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I’m taking a few days off to enjoy this time with my family. See you on the other side. Carin, xx

Have a sweet Christmas lollipop card

  So a couple of weeks ago I asked my more experienced school mum friends on Facebook if they tip the lollipop lady/man (school crossing guard) at Christmas. They didn’t really know, most drive to school, but a relative joked I should give him/ her a card and a lollipop. That’s when I remembered this lollipop card. We don’t really do […]

A solid foundation

Our first Christmas, in Ireland, 1991 Did you know that Alan and I did most of our early courting through letters? Oh yes, my friends, letters. Remember those things? We met two days before I was due to go back to Sweden after having worked in London over the summer. I was 19, naive and […]