Archives for August 2013

Sketching childhood: toy hoover

I began the sketching childhood series of drawings for two reasons. 1) To document my children’s childhood. As much as I love photography, I find that nothing engages all my senses like drawing. It makes me see all the layers of a thing or a situation. To draw their lives then, makes me feel like […]

Sibling love art journal

Grabbing the opportunity as it presented itself, I decided to deep clean the kitchen while the kids played in the livingroom. Grateful for a few minutes to myself, I dipped my hands deep in the hot, sudsy water, squeezed out the sponge and begun to methodically clean the surfaces. But I was soon stopped in […]

I’m a heart’s path explorer!

I’m so excited to share that I am one of Heather’s heart’s path explorers today! Pop on over to Heather’s blog to read my interview and learn more about how I found my heart’s path and how I keep it going.

Sketching childhood: hide n squeak eggs

The house is quiet. Aoife is away on a sleep over, and Kirby has a tummy bug that makes him a bit quieter and clingier than normal. These hide n squeak eggs by Tomy have provided most of the fun for both of us yesterday and today. He plays by my feet and I draw. […]

July highlights

These highlight pages have quickly become some of my art journal favourites. I love being able to see at a glance what we have been up to during a particular month. I make them as simple as possible on purpose so that I am more inclined to make them, and let the words and doodles […]

Let your heart guide you

Let your heart guide you. It will lead you home. I’ve been feeling restless lately, which usually means big changes are happening. I feel them in my body long before I can put them into words or action. I’m always impressed with how the body knows what’s best for me, even when I push and […]

10 memory-keeping prompts

I mentioned last week that I sometimes use prompts when I’m brainstorming ideas. I have to admit. I resisted prompts for a long time after I started art journaling, thinking they were a form of cheating. I had enough ideas of my own thankyouverymuch. Then I realised that they’re actually great starting points. Whether a […]