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6 ways to begin artful memory-keeping

  I love artful memory-keeping for a number of reasons. For me, it’s a wonderful way of combining my passions for drawing and painting with my passion for memory-keeping. I have also noticed that the more I incorporate memory-keeping into my life, the more grateful I am. I know some of you would like to […]

Sketching childhood: musical elephant

When Kirby was younger, this rocking musical elephant saved our sanity on more than one occasion. No matter how fidgety or upset Kirby was, the elephant managed to calm him down within seconds. These days, he sits mostly untouched on the toy shelf in Kirby’s room, but unlike some of the other toys the kids […]

September highlights art journal page

September was a lovely month, if very quiet on the photo front. Our good friends returned home after travelling for 3 months, so we had lots to catch up on. Aoife started year two with a new group of friends, but settled quickly. And life slowly returned to normal after a wonderful summer. *** The […]