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A letter to my three year old boy

My darling Kirby, You turned three the other week and I’ve not had a chance to sit down and write your birthday letter until now. You keep me on my toes every moment of every day. At 3, you’re tall (1 metre), and very much a boy. The toddler is gone. I often do a […]

Celebrating 2013: 10 journaling prompts to wrap up last year

I like taking some time out at the end of the year to reflect on the year that just has just gone by. But last year, December went by in a flash. And as much as I love riding the high energy wave of the new year, I needed a couple of weeks to get settled […]

Celebrating 2013: creative achievements

  This is the second year I have made a creative achievement list, and I think it’s fair to say I’ll keep doing them every year as I really enjoy them. It’s a wonderful way to reflect on the past year and remind yourself how far you’ve come. I also find them a great tool […]

Kirby 3 (a birthday interview)

Three years ago today, at 10.45 am (the very time I post this), our boy wonder Kirby was born. In the three years since, he’s gone from being a Velcro baby who would only sleep in my arms for the first ten weeks of his life, to a confident, cheeky little boy who loves vehicles, […]

December highlights (and a link party announcement)

“Here”, she said, “I’ll help you”. Aoife took the stocking from Kirby and kneeled down beside him so he could reach into it and grab whatever was there. He gave her a big smile. The night before I had watched as they excitedly put out the plate for Santa- a mince pie and a glass […]

Word of the year

“Focus” pencil drawing of an eye in my sketchbook Hello my dears, Happy new year! Hope you had a good break! Mine was wonderful. I took a slightly longer break than I had planned to since our PC crashed the other day, but we’re up and running again now, refreshed and ready to go, so […]