Hi, I’m Carin.

I’m the writer, artist, and maker behind Artfully Carin.

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About the blog

Artfully Carin is a creative lifestyle blog, focusing on arts, crafts, DIY, home decor, and creative living. It’s about making everyday life a bit more fun and creative. I share personal stories, projects, interviews, and tips and tricks that will help you turn your daily life into art.

My story:

When I recovered from being bedridden for several years in my mid-twenties, I realised that I had lost my way in life and needed to change it. I realised that since I started working, I had stopped doing a lot of the things I loved doing when I was younger, especially drawing. I had responsibilities, you know (pfft!). But it was only after I had my children (my girl Aoife, who is 8, and my son Kirby, who is 4) that I really started going after the kind of life I wanted.

The blog archives follow the many twists and turns of me finding myself and my style. It was wild ride, but definitely worth it.

I now live the life I always wanted. My life is my canvas. I have a family I love, I’m a pencil artist focusing on home and family, avid crafter and DIYer, and thrive on slowly turning our 1930’s fixer upper just outside London (Bedfordshire) into a warm and welcoming family home. I also run an artful memory-keeping Facebook group for artists who create art with a touch of memory-keeping. Click here to join.

I know I’m not the only who has rediscovered their creativity since becoming a mum. If you are here, you probably want to live a more creative and handmade life too, so please subscribe to Artfully Carin in your favourite reader, (there are links to Feedly and Bloglovin’ under my photo on the right hand side), and join me on social media. These are the ones I use the most:




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