Aoife 6

"6" art journal page

detail of "6" art journal page

Interview with a 6 year old:

Fave colour(s): pink, purple, and red

Fave book: Cinderella

Fave toy: Minnie Mouse

Fave activity: arting

Fave song: Minnie Mouse (her own made up song)

Fave show on television: Charlie and Lola

Fave animal: monkeys

Fave flower: roses

Fave season: winter cos it snows

Fave place: at the beach

Fave thing at school: water play

Fave friends: Zona, Georgia, Leah, Mummy, Daddy, and Kirby

Fave dinner: fish, chips, and baked beans

Fave dessert: apple crumble and custard

Fave fruit: orange

Fave veg: cucumber

Fave drink: blackcurrant squash

What would you like to do when you grow up: I want to be an artist, and show people how to make art

3 words that describe you: pink, kind, helpful

If I had one wish it would be: I wish I could be magic

Aoife 2012

Happy birthday honey! Hope you have a great day! Love you very, very much!


  1. Happy Birthday to Aoife… love this Carin… definitely something to treasure… and how meaningful this will be… to read in years to come… love that Aoife wants to become an artist… and to be magic… that’s my kinda girl…

    Jenny ♥

  2. Oh, I’m late but Happy Birthday anyway, Aoife! The list is just great. She will love reading it when she gets older and remembering her choices at six.

    PS – I’d like to be magic, too!

  3. Oh my goodness, she IS magic. And I like to do arting too.

  4. Awe, this is awesome!~ LOVE the questions, LOVE the answers – and tell her that I love Charlie and Lola too!! Happy Birthday Beautiful! xoxo

  5. Hi Mama! Just wanted to say that I loved your comment – bling and bright colors! – yes, love it! Thank you , xoxo

  6. What a way to capture turning 6! Your page is so happy and energetic- just like a six year old! I am right there with her- I want to be magic too!

  7. Such a lovely interview to read. I love that Aoife thinks fo herself as “pink”! I’m glad you like my blog banner, it took a while but I got there in the end! ♥

  8. Thanks Carin for your well wishes on my blog! I hope you like the next issue of Featuring! I love this idea of interviewing her. what a great memory for later.

  9. Härliga frågor & svar! Kul att Aoife också är så kreativ. 🙂

    Visst är det roligt att låta julkorten ta plats och njuta av dem. De flesta är så himla fina och förtjänar att visas upp.

    Kram på dig!

  10. wonderful… what a doll! I need to do this with my six year old!


  1. […] mixing 2 water soluble crayons on a stitched background (the stitches carry over from Aoife’s “6″ page), which were then textured with cling film and gesso through a stencil. I added a photo of the […]

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