Artistic Mother: My Vision Statement.

I have an admission to make. Usually when I read a book like this and it asks for a vision statement, I skip over it. I really did enjoy making this though. I have decided to share it here to hold myself accountable (especially since the last paragraph of the statement focuses on sharing with others).

My vision statement

I, Carin, am a creative woman, wife and mother. I understand I need to express myself creatively in some way every day to feel truly happy with my life. I value my happiness and freely choose to take some time out for myself each day. I realise that by honouring myself in this way, I also honour the happiness of my family as a whole.

I choose to create work that I feel is a true representation of my life at this time. Every word written, photograph taken and piece of art or craft made is an honest and loving expression of who I am and the things I treasure most in life. It is a celebration of authentic living.

I am open to creative opportunities in all aspects of my life. I embrace new experiences, life lessons and techniques, realising they all move me forward one step at a time. I put aside feelings of fear and self doubt to share my journey with others in the hope that they too will be inspired to find and express their authentic self like I have been inspired by so many before me.  

 Other preparations are going well too. I’m busy sorting out my work space and supplies, and can’t wait to get stuck into the projects proper.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

The Artistic Mother Group

 The artistic mother
Image from Shona Cole’s blog 

I’m pleased as punch right now! I received my copy of the wonderful book “The Artistic Mother” by Shona Cole yesterday morning, and devoured it/ drooled all over it while Aoife happily played in the sand pit on her own. I had heard great reviews of the book on other blogs, seen some wonderful projects made from its pages, and bought it assuming I would like it.  I was wrong. I don’t like it, I love it! I am itching to get started!

While I’m organising my work space and supplies to get started, I joined the Artistic  Mother Group over at Trudy Callan’s blog Artistic Creations With Trudy. The group is already a few weeks into the book but still takes new members, so if you too are interested in joining, hop on over and sign up.

I’m so happy! I can’t wait to get started!