Because I need a break

I have been in a bit of a funk lately and feel the need to take a break from most social media. At first I was only going to take a break from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but I’ve decided to take a break from the blog too. I’m tired and confused about a few […]

Time to get real!

Drawing was my first love. When I rediscovered art a few years ago I fell into grungy mixed media. It was the perfect way for me, a recovering perfectionist, to get back into art. Because grungy, by its very nature, is messy. There is no right or wrong. Back then, drawing would have quickly sucked […]

Word of the year

“Focus” pencil drawing of an eye in my sketchbook Hello my dears, Happy new year! Hope you had a good break! Mine was wonderful. I took a slightly longer break than I had planned to since our PC crashed the other day, but we’re up and running again now, refreshed and ready to go, so […]

Keep your head in the clouds

Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. I’ve not drawn or painted faces for a long time (it shows!), but lately I’ve been obsessed with poses. Especially the children’s poses. I have been jotting them down in my journal as I see them, in the hope of developing them later […]

I’m a heart’s path explorer!

I’m so excited to share that I am one of Heather’s heart’s path explorers today! Pop on over to Heather’s blog to read my interview and learn more about how I found my heart’s path and how I keep it going.

Let your heart guide you

Let your heart guide you. It will lead you home. I’ve been feeling restless lately, which usually means big changes are happening. I feel them in my body long before I can put them into words or action. I’m always impressed with how the body knows what’s best for me, even when I push and […]

I believe I can fly

For a long time after I was physically ready to go out in public again after having been bedridden/ housebound for several years, I was afraid to. As much as I wanted to, being around people was pretty scary. The world was noisy, and I was afraid of getting bumped and hurt. My back was […]

Art journal: In the still

I slip out of the comfort of my warm bed, shivering as the cool air hits my body. Sneaking out of the master, I expertly side-step the creaky floorboards and toys piled outside the children’s bedrooms to look in on my sleeping babies. I smile as I see their familar forms. Aoife is sprawled out […]

Into the unknown

Around this time every year, I usually find myself open-mouthed with wonder how quickly the word of the year has started working its magic on my life. This year is no exception, but the very nature of the word (action), also makes it a bit scarier than most. There’s no hiding from a word like […]


There’s a famous scene in The Matrix, where Neo is taken to see the Oracle to find out if he is The One (the saviour, who will ultimately destroy the Matrix). She gives him some cryptic answers, which he takes to mean that he isn’t. Why doesn’t the Oracle give him a straight answer? Why doesn’t […]