A day in my life 2016

It’s just over a year since I last wrote an “a day in my life” post (you can see it here). A lot has happened since then. Early last year I finally decided to treat the blog as a business and “go pro”. It seemed a good time to do it since Kirby was heading off to […]

How to get back into crafting

Today I’m carrying on my series of posts on being a creative mum with one on how to get back into crafting after a long break. I remember how daunting it was to get back into crafting when I first became a mum. I suddenly had this need to create every day, but I didn’t have a clue […]

9 reasons crafting is good for you

I have gone through the ebb and flow of being creative many times in my life. Going from drawing for hours every day when I was in high school and college, through dropping almost everything when  I started working because I thought that’s what responsible adults did, to going DIY crazy when we got married […]

A day in my life

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I fit in blogging and making arts and crafts with being a stay at home mum. I wrote a series on how I don’t fit it all in a few years back, but I still get asked that question a lot, so today I’m […]

On turning daily life into art

Thank you so much for your lovely, supportive comments on last week’s post! They were so encouraging. Thank you! Today I thought I’d ask you what turning life into art means to you. Last year when I decided to change the Artfully Carin tagline to “turning daily life into art”, I had a bit of a […]

10 great apps for creative mums

There are tonnes of apps out there for all kinds of situations. It can be hard to find the right ones for you. I have found most of mine through word of mouth and personal recommendations, so today I thought I’d pass it on and share 10 great apps for creative mums. I use these […]

Organising photos for the creative mum

Hi, hope you had a lovely summer. Mine just flew by. I spent a few early mornings last week editing and organising photos I took over the summer and was so glad I had a system in place. I could just launch in and get it done, then go out and enjoy my day (and take […]

The first step to a more creative life

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I fit art and blogging and all of the other creative things I do into my daily life. At some point that usually leads on to a discussion on living a life we love and feel we were meant for. So many people want […]

Celebrating 2013: creative achievements

  This is the second year I have made a creative achievement list, and I think it’s fair to say I’ll keep doing them every year as I really enjoy them. It’s a wonderful way to reflect on the past year and remind yourself how far you’ve come. I also find them a great tool […]

I AM an artist!

Finding my feet, art journal, 2012 I never dreamed of being an artist. I only ever wanted to be a mum. Yet somehow earlier this year, my dreams changed. I realised I no longer wanted to be a mum who does art on the side, I wanted to be a mother AND an artist. That […]