Kirby’s big boy bedroom

I’m so happy to finally show you Kirby’s big boy bedroom. I did it up in time for his birthday in January, but I couldn’t decide if I should get curtains for his room or just have the blinds, so I never took photos of it. The other day I updated some baskets in his room […]

Under the stairs

  Yay! Things are finally starting to take shape in this awkward little corner under the stairs. I love it! The new desk is just perfect for the space. It’s nice and sturdy, looks lovely, and, best of all, it fits (you wouldn’t believe how many nice- looking desks I had to reject because they […]

Home improvements: 2012

The third bedroom (Aoife’s room) back in 2009. After hardly doing a thing to the poor house last year (new baby, illness, having to get a new car, a change of career for Alan…so many excuses reasons), I am itching to get my hands dirty this year. And as luck would have it, we do […]

May in bloom

  It’s been a fun, but busy week. Whenever the busyness of the christening, house guests, and (later) sick children stressed me out a bit, I snuck out into the garden, camera in hand, to soak up the peace and quiet. I learned a lot in those quiet moments. I played with the camera and got […]

Master bedroom update

We’re in. Just. Last night was the first night we slept in our new bed in our new room. And it was wonderful! There’s still lots to do, the room is bare to say the least, but we’re in. Can I just say that again, because it’s like music to my ears… we’re in! And […]

The reno chaos has begun!

We started ripping the master bedroom apart at the weekend. It was all hands on deck. I was going to strip the wallpaper this week, but when Alan made a start on it Sunday he realised all the plaster was live (loose/ coming away from the brick wall behind) and needs to be removed. That, […]

Surrounded by beauty

Savouring the beauty around me. The Palm tree that surprised us by blooming this year The newly planted Scabious that I have fallen madly in love with The beautiful shrub that attracts bees and nesting birds alike (anyone know its name?)  The gorgeous Rhododendron we tended back to life after it had been abandoned by […]

Spring Spruce Up: Porch

I’ve been dreaming of doing this all winter. The scuffed walls of our small enclosed front porch have been driving me just a little bit crazy. I finally painted them yesterday while Aoife was at preschool, using Dulux Soft Moss 3 (10GY 54/238). Before After If you’ve been around a while, you may remember me talking […]

Making space for art

Ever since we moved into this house 5 1/2 years ago I’ve kept my art supplies in the office, which is in a room off the garage on the other side of the garden. This, you see, is where I envisaged making art when we first looked around the house. It seemed the ideal studio space. […]

A sense of belonging

The other day, as I was sitting by the living room window, content just watching the world go by outside while I nursed my aching body back to health after slipping badly on some hidden ice, I was suddenly overcome by a calm but strong sense of belonging.   A country girl born and bred, I never thought I […]