Scandinavian felt star ornaments

Scandinavian felt star ornaments

I loved making the felt heart tree decorations last year, they added the Scandinavian touch I was after and looked really cute on the tree to boot, so this year I decided to make some felt star ornaments in the same style. Nothing says Scandinavian Christmas to me like hearts and stars. And despite my initial mistake, I enjoyed making these just as much.

Materials needed:

* Two pieces of felt in different colours (for traditional Swedish Christmas ornaments use red and white)
* Stuffing
* Embroidery floss
* Cute buttons
* Sewing needles
* Ribbon or yarn
* Knitting needle or skewer


1. Cut out two large star shapes in one of the colours, then two slightly smaller ones in the other colour.

2. Add the buttons to the centre of the small stars.

3. Sew the smaller stars onto the larger ones using straight stitch.

4.  Put the two large stars together, right sides out, and begin stitching together using straight stitch. Leave a small hole at the top for stuffing.

5. Stuff the ornament as tightly as you can, using the skewer or knitting needle to make the stuffing go all the way out into the tips of the star.

6. Finish stitching up.

7. Thread the ribbon through one of the tips of the star. Work out how long you want the loop to be, then make a tight bow.

8. Hang and enjoy!

I can’t wait to see our tree develop over the years as we add more handmade decorations. I think it is one of the nicest traditions we are embracing as our family grows.

For more easy Christmas craft ideas,  check out my archives.


  1. These stars are so lovely. I’m doing hearts at the moment . A few years back we made straw ornaments and it was so much fun. Every year we make the woven paper stars and hide things in the baskets. Have fun.

  2. They’re really sweet, and will look lovely with the hearts.

  3. ~there is nothing sweeter than handmade ornaments to be savored for years and years to come!!! i remeber your heart ones from last year and love the stars you hav ecreated this year!!! i wish you and yours a wonderful festive season ahead…warm wishes and brighetst blessings~

  4. They are beautiful! I love that idea too – it will mean so much to everyone – enjoy the process and the little moments you have together, xoxoxo

  5. Hi again!
    Check me out when you can – there is an award for you if you want it, xoxo

  6. Your little felt stars look so festive. I’m sure they will look great on your tree.

  7. Carin! I’m glad you are laughing today..that’s a good way to be!
    book obsessions can be a wonderful thing, am I right! lol
    anyhow….I love creating personal items like this….it is such an expression of artful living to make art that can be enjoyable to behold, right!!!!!!
    have a happy weekend!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. Those are cute! I think I need to use your salt dough recipe again this year. I noticed the ones I made last year sort of warped in storage…did I not bake them long enough, or does this just happen?

  9. Thanks Valarie. Making straw ornaments sounds like so much fun. Have yet to try that.

  10. How odd! Sorry Lisa, I don’t know what that is about. I was a bit apprehensive unwrapping ours, thinking they may have gotten a bit soggy over the year like faster bake versions have done in the past, but mine were still rock hard.

  11. Thank you for your visit today – I know – I am so “behind” this year (as in, I usually have so much more done by now – it really seemed to sneak up on me this year!) but I am glad you are spending time doing all that you can to celebrate the season as a family of 3 before baby comes along! It must be a busy time for you all – please know that I am thinking of you and wishing you all well, xoxo

  12. Åh vad söta stjärnor! Tänk, snart är julen här! 🙂

  13. They look so cute Carin..
    Where did you find the little heart shaped buttons ? They’re adorable.
    Jo xx

  14. Good to know. Maybe I just need to bake them longer. I think we’re going to make them right now!

  15. I love handmade ornaments and these are adorable with red and white felt. And I’m with Jo, where did you find those adorable heart buttons?! Too cute! 🙂

  16. Ha! Crystals, crystals EVERYWHERE!!! But they really do sparkle in the Christmas tree lights . . . thank you for your sweet message! I will do some full view rooms here soon to show the tree and maybe more. I am really “behind” this year for some reason – the house is usually totally decorated by now, but because it isn’t, I have been doing close ups (tee he) . . .
    Hope you’re happy and well, xoxo

  17. I did and I did!! Yes, the shoes were meant to be a heart – you are so kind to notice – and I got the cards done that night too . . . finally!! Hope this finds you happy and well, xoxo

  18. Beautiful ornaments Carin

  19. Carin! I love these ornaments! they would look fantastic on a tree! And I love the cards that resulted from your initial “mistake”…don’t you just love a happy accident? Hope you are well.

  20. OH, and I forgot to add that the textured painting that I showed a little peek of IS inspired by a peacock feather!! Good eye!

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