In Love cross-stitch

In Love cross-stitch

The In Love cross-stitch is the third of three sepia style cross-stitches I have made for our bedroom remodel which will take place this summer (the others can be seen here and here). It’s a Vervaco kit on 14 count white Aida and measures 24 x 20 cm (9 1/2″ x 8″).

 Vervaco In Love cross-stitch close up

I first made this In Love cross-stitch a year ago for a friend’s wedding. I don’t usually do big cross-stitches more than once, but as soon as my friend told me she was getting married I knew she’d love this.

Now, with the three cross-stitches ready, we just need to do up the room! The research stage is dragging out a little bit because we can’t quite find what we want within our budget, especially since the room needs quite a bit of work (doesn’t leave much spare for furniture). But I’m trying to keep the faith. It usually comes together in the end.


  1. what a lovely cross stitch picture..I am still doing my bird one as they take an age!

  2. oh this is wonderful! i love the sepia tones…and the photo is romantic for sure!
    i would love to see them hanging in your room..the trio together!
    thanks for stopping in to see me…come by…I’m announcing my etsy shop sale!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Those are going to make such a nice trio. Can’t wait to see pictures when your room is all done.

  4. Thank you! Yes, they sure do, although my mate call me the quickest cross-stitcher in the west lol (jeez, started singing Ernie now lol!)

  5. Thanks Carmelina! I will make sure to post a pic once they’re up.

  6. Thanks Lisa! I’ll make sure tht pics when the room is done up and they’re on the wall.

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