Kirby’s first painting

First toddler painting

I am so happy to show you this masterpiece today! Kirby’s first ever painting!

I’ve been meaning to set Kirby up with paints for a while now, but life has kept getting in the way. This morning the timing was finally right, so I stripped him down to his nappy and let him play. And he sure  gave it a good go.

Toddler painting

To start off with I only gave him a couple of colours, and just his hands to paint with. He totally rejected the yellow, but asked for the green. And as soon as he saw Aoife using a brush he wanted a tool of his own too, so gave him an old brush and a glue spreader.

Toddler painting 1

He loved it!

Toddler painting 2

(yes, those big brown eyes get me every time!)


  1. Awww, what a sweet heart!

  2. Christel Wijk says:

    Vilken fin teckning, så kreativ. Han ser verkligen ut att njuta av stunden. Han har otroligt fina ögon och är så söt.

  3. Definitely an artist in the making!

  4. oh so cute 🙂

  5. He seems to enjoy it a lot! Congratulations to the new artist!

  6. Ooooh Carin… how sweet… a new little artist begins his journey… it looks like he had a wonderful time… and that very first painting will be one to treasure…
    Do hope little Aoife is going well after your rush to the doctors with her… that sounds a bit scary…
    Jenny x

  7. Adorable!!! He is the perfect artist with paint on his face and masterpiece on his canvas!


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