Have a sweet Christmas lollipop card


Christmas lollipop card

So a couple of weeks ago I asked my more experienced school mum friends on Facebook if they tip the lollipop lady/man (school crossing guard) at Christmas.

They didn’t really know, most drive to school, but a relative joked I should give him/ her a card and a lollipop.

That’s when I remembered this lollipop card. We don’t really do Valentines, but I thought this was such a sweet idea (excuse the pun) that I stored it away for a later day. This was it.

So at the weekend, I dragged Aoife out in the cold to get a nice picture against our brick wall with her hand stretched out and making a fist, then edited the photo and added text in Picasa. I printed the photo on card on the 13 x 18 photo setting, so that I could just fold it in half to make a Christmas card.  Once printed and folded, it was easy to make a couple of slits on either side of the hand and thread the lollipop through. Next time I’ll try harder to find a flat lollipop though!

Such a quick and easy craft, yet so fun. I like it!

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  1. Super cute card!

  2. Awesome job on the card!! Truly impressed here!

  3. I told you it was cool 🙂
    And thanks for letting me know the American name for the lollipop person (I think the correct UK term is school patrol officer, but don’t think anyone ever calls them that lol)!

  4. What a cute card. I can’t get over how Aoife has grown. Wishing you a very sweet Christmas. With such a cute girl around who wouldn’t have a sweet christmas.

  5. Love it Carin… and such a lovely idea… the perfect card really for a Lollipop Lady… and a beautiful photo of Aoife :))
    Jenny x

  6. Such a great card!! I love it! Very creative! And thanks for your comment on my cards and new blog banner, glad you like them 🙂

  7. And you Valarie!

  8. I’m back! I just wanted to thank you for the compliment on my “man card”, lol! It’s hard for me to make things for men, so I’m so happy with how it turned out. It was fun!

  9. Carin! This is brilliant! I lOVE the brick wall background and that little face. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with the family, xoxo

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