Mixed media: Wash Day

 wash day mixed media on brown paper

I loved the background I made for the mixed media landscape a while ago, and quickly made some more while the paint combinations were still fresh in my mind. I just love blue and green together.

The background is acrylics on on brown paper, with added gold flower stickers, crochet thread, scraps of background papers and toothpicks. I may still go back and add some light lines to the clothes at a later stage.

Wash Day mixed media detail on brown paper


  1. I LOVE this!! : )

  2. I do too! This is such a great color combo…one of my favs!

  3. Thanks Susie, and thanks for visiting, following and adding this as a favourite! So sweet 🙂

  4. Thanks Nicole!

  5. LOVE this! The blue and green are great and I love the clothes hanging on the line. I only wish I could do hang clothes outside where I live but there’s a rule against it!

  6. I love this!! I’ve been wanting to make a similar painting of clothes on a line, to hang in our laundry room! This is wonderful inspiration for me to do that! hmm…I’ll add it to my list of projects! 😉 Oh, and a BIG hug and congratulations on your new baby on the way!! How exciting!!

  7. Thanks Janet! Yeah, I’ve heard some US places have rules against hanging washing outside, but it all seem very odd to me.

  8. Thanks Esther! Great minds think alike! And thanks on the baby well wishes too!

  9. I love this!!! I’m totally inspired by it.

  10. Thanks Lisa! I can’t wait to see some more of your art.

  11. This is wonderful – the color combination is one of my favorites too – beautiful work, Kristin xo

  12. Thanks Kristin!

  13. this is lovely and would look great hanging on the wall in your lovely breakfast bar

  14. this is so cute. love those pegs! great grass too.

  15. Thanks Lorraine!

  16. Thanks Mon!

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