Sketching childhood: Percy the train

Sketching childhood: Percy

The other day, I noticed Kirby was settling down for a snooze on the sofa, so I  took out my sketchbook and pencils and set up at the dining table. I outlined his Percy train and began working on making him come to life.

Then I made the mistake of leaving the room to make a cup of tea.

When I came back Kirby was kneeling on the chair I had left a few minutes earlier, scribbling furiously and heavy-handedly all over the drawing I had just started. When he saw me, he proudly exclaimed: “Look mummy, Eebie (Kirby) drawing too! Is lovely!”

Funny how that boy, who never shows any real interest in drawing, always chooses to show his arty side when and where I don’t really want him to. Like on my drawing, all over the nice, white computer desk, or on our livingroom walls.

But it has made me think that I probably should encourage him to play with art materials more often.

Generally speaking, I think that we, as a family, lead a pretty creative life. And that is very important to me. But since Kirby is not as interested in drawing, painting and crafting as Aoife was at that age, he and I don’t sit down and do those sort of things together very often. But he obviously has SOME interest in them, and we think they should be encouraged. So Aoife and I have hatched a little plan. We are going to try to take some time out most Saturday afternoons during the autumn and winter months to art, bake, and craft with him.

I’m really excited. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Percey the tank engine with added scribbles

Kirby’s rather wonderful version of Percy the train


  1. I love that you’re encouraging your children to be creative. I think it’s so important. And I like both versions of Percy!!
    Janet recently posted…And Even More Journal Pages…My Profile

  2. The scribbled Percy is lovely! Definitely one to save! I have never done many arty things with my boys, they didn’t seem interested. But now that Dillon has homework every day, Blake wants to sit by him and write and color. And Cate definitely does. I also see them drawn towards music and performing… it is just interesting to watch an individual’s creativity emerge, in his own time and own way. And Thomas, and Percy, and all those friends have a special place in my heart!
    Angie Mizzell recently posted…The way outMy Profile

  3. Ha! You’re so sweet! I will never forget the time Kendra – at about that age – scribbled all over a vintage santa / christmas album that I had been saving for something special. I was so beside myself that I yelled at her for doing it – Bad mom that I am 😉 I was not as forgiving as you were! BUT I love your plan and LOVE your Percy. Bravo, xoxo
    Kristin Van Valkenburgh recently posted…Still Here . . .My Profile


  1. […] yet, but I love the idea. Aoife and I have always liked crafting together. We recently decided that Kirby should join us at the table, and this would be a perfect Saturday project for us. I’m hoping we’ll start this […]

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