Scandinavian Christmas

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Swedish ice chocolates

Swedish chewy toffee

I’m really happy to let you know I’m guest posting two of my favourite Swedish Christmas sweet treat recipes over at the Pickled Herring today, ischoklad and knäck. Kathryn is on day 5 of a fabulous series called Scandinavian Christmas, with bloggers guest posting traditional Scandinavian Christmas crafts and recipes. Come check it out!


  1. Very cool! Congratulations – and they look so yummy!!! xoxoxo

  2. These are two of my favorite as well. We are getting to make knäcke tonight. Enjoy this last week of advent.

  3. Oh my goodness! I want chocolate right this minute! I’ll just try to reach through the screen and grab a handful if you don’t mind! You won’t even notice any missing! will you?
    thanks for your visit! have a great day
    ciao bella
    Creative CArmelinA

  4. oh my!!!
    so glad you’re sharing.

  5. Ooh, those look yummy!

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