Sibling love art journal

Sibling love art journal by Artfully Carin

Grabbing the opportunity as it presented itself, I decided to deep clean the kitchen while the kids played in the livingroom. Grateful for a few minutes to myself, I dipped my hands deep in the hot, sudsy water, squeezed out the sponge and begun to methodically clean the surfaces. But I was soon stopped in my tracks by the sound of their laughter coming from the other room.

Forgetting the sponge in my hand, I spilled water all over the floor as I snuck over to the door, where I leaned on the door post while I strained to hear what made them laugh so hard. I had no hope. They were lost in sibling world, where only they have access. It’s full of in jokes I’m not a part of.

As I write this, summer holidays are beginning to wind down. Aoife has just over 2 weeks left. In between play dates and outings, I have begun preparing for autumn and back to school. But when I think back on this summer, it will be remembered by their laughter.

Their laughter has filled the house.

It’s the first year Kirby is actively playing along with Aoife’s imaginary games and making up games of his own. And they’re having a blast. Kirby will miss Aoife terribly when she goes back to school.

I love that they have such a close bond, that they enjoy each other’s company, and seek each other out to play.

As their mother, I sometimes allow myself to daydream about their future. But I don’t daydream about what work they will  do, or what hobbies they’ll pursue. In my dream they continue to grow closer as they grow older. They continue to enjoy each other’s company, they continue to seek each other out, and they stand by each other through thick and thin. Arguments will be over as quickly as they begin. Their spouses will like each other and enjoy spending time together, and their children will play together happily.

I can only dream.  And pray. And hope for the best.


This page was made using a combination of water soluble crayons, acrylics, gesso, pen, fabric tape and a personal photograph of the kids from when Kirby was a few days old that I altered slightly.


  1. That photo of Kirby melts my heart. And this post was lovely, I could see you standing there with the soapy sponge, listening. The thing that really got me is how much your observations and musings are so similar (in essence) to something I wrote for tomorrow. It was only a couple of lines, but for whatever reason, I deleted those lines and let my photo story end where it did. You said it so well… I understand your feelings so much.
    Angie Mizzell recently posted…Here’s a question:My Profile

  2. Beautiful post Carin… and I can so relate… to see my now grown children with their spouses and their children all so close… so loving… melts my heart… to see my grand children… cousins.. holding hands… laughing… playing… fills me with joy…. I adore you art journal page… and I love that you are documenting such happiness here on your beautiful blog…

    Jenny ♥
    Jenny recently posted…[And yet another week has scuttled by…..]My Profile

  3. I could almost have written this myself as I’ve loved listening to the laughter of my two as they play together. Unfortunately, their strong minds also creates some fights too but, as you do, I hope that as they grow out of the frustrations of childhood, their relationship will grow stronger. Lovely post! #Britmums #MyBestPost
    Faded Seaside Mama recently posted…Broadstairs Water GalaMy Profile

    • Thank you Sally! And yeah, my two have strong minds too. But I think those childhood fights somehow help to strengthen the bond. At least that’s the impression I get from friends who fought a lot with their siblings as children.
      Carin recently posted…Sibling love art journalMy Profile

  4. A truly beautiful post and it’s lovely that you’ll remember this summer for laughter. Long may it last x
    Izzie Anderton recently posted…Not Another List….My Profile

  5. Hello! I clicked over to your site from “Writing, Wishing” because of the spelling of your name. I have a very good friend who is a “Carin”! Hers is pronounced like “Karen”. Is yours too?

    Also, this post is lovely. It’s always nice to dream.
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  6. That is such a lovely picture. That sibling bond is a special one isn’t it? 🙂
    Emma recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

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