Sketching childhood: hide n squeak eggs

hide n squeak egg drawing

The house is quiet. Aoife is away on a sleep over, and Kirby has a tummy bug that makes him a bit quieter and clingier than normal. These hide n squeak eggs by Tomy have provided most of the fun for both of us yesterday and today. He plays by my feet and I draw.

Sometimes the kids are given a toy that I don’t quite see the point of, but it turns into one of their favourites. And when I see them playing with it, I realise just how good it is and feel silly for ever doubting it. This is one of those. Both kids love it. Not only do the eggs make funny squeaking noises, they can use them to match colours, shapes  and facial expressions. And when they’re done playing with it like that, they close it up and use it for playing shops, farms and lots of other things. They get so much use out of it.

Drawing this, I started thinking that I really need to start practise using coloured pencils. They are not my strong point and I tend to avoid them rather than practise with them, but some of the drawings in this series would really benefit from colour. I have been dreaming of doing water colours a lot lately too, so there are definitely changes happening around here.

hide n squeak toy

hide n squeak eggs

Tomy hide n squeak eggs


  1. Beautiful drawing Carin.. and fabulous shading…. I know what you mean about the kids loving toys that we don’t always think are great… and then not loving some that we think are brilliant… sounds like these toy eggs are well loved…

    Jenny ♥
    Jenny recently posted…[And one thing leads to Another…..]My Profile

  2. I would love to see your sketches in color (says the one not sketching, grin). I really appreciate the moments the children are playing around me, and letting me work. We are together, but I’m still able to feel productive. And I’m having this same conversation with myself about the toys. Trying to understand what they truly want to play with, and many times it’s something that makes no sense at all to me, something I want to throw away or donate.
    Angie Mizzell recently posted…In a world of pure imaginationMy Profile

    • I love those moments too. It’s been one of the benefits of the school holidays. The kids have played together a lot around me, but not demanded me to play with them, so I have been able to write or do other things nearby.

      Seriously… I brought down a baby activity set from the attic the other month to pass on, and both kids started playing with it. I’ve still not managed to get rid!
      Carin recently posted…I’m a heart’s path explorer!My Profile

  3. Love your shading! I love the pencil sketches, but I can see how colour could be useful at least for some of the drawings. I’ve got loads of coloured pencils, but never really liked them very much, not even the watersoluble ones. I love using watercolours, especially when I don’t have much time to paint, so much easier than taking out the acrylics. Caran d’Ache crayons are a good alternative to coloured pencils too, I think. I’m looking forward to seeing your colour sketches!
    Nordljus recently posted…And another painting job doneMy Profile

    • Thank you Kay! I love the Caran D’ache watersoluble crayons, I use them all the time. But for some reason right now, I’m craving “real” water colours. I just have to find them first. They’re buried in a box in the studio.
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  4. We have the eggs and they are a big hit in this house too. You are so talented Carin, I wish I could see things the way you do!
    Katie @Mummydaddyme recently posted…{The Ordinary Moments} #1My Profile

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