DIY silhouette Christmas ornaments

Hey lovelies, Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. But I’m back today with a lovely little memory-keeping craft for the holidays- silhouette Christmas ornaments. Do you like silhouettes? I love them. I always have and always will. They’re so simple, but say so much. I use them a lot in my art journals for […]

DIY photo bookmarks

Hi lovelies, Hope you had a nice summer. I’m so happy to be back here with you! It’s been too long. And I’m launching straight into a fun, easy craft; DIY photo bookmarks. I’m using balsa wood as a base to make them more stable. This is a photo heavy post, but don’t worry, the project […]

How to make a personalised father’s day banner

Hey lovelies, Thanks for your lovely comments on my a day in my life post! You cracked me up with your comments on me getting up so early. Today I’m back with another tutorial. This Father’s Day banner is a great craft for families with kids of different ages since there is something everyone can do. […]

4 ways to make your own wooden charms and embellishments

I have been making my own wooden charms and embellishments since I first started crafting with balsa wood. I usually make a big batch of them in one go and keep them in a jar in the craft room so I always have some to hand when I need them. So far I’ve added them to key chains, […]

6 tips for working with balsa wood

I have loved crafting with balsa since I first came across it. It has the lovely look of wood, but is incredibly easy to work with, so is good for a lot of fun projects. But I know most people have never heard of it before, unless they know someone who makes models, so I thought I’d […]

How to make easy wood gift tags

Have I ever told you that one of my favourite craft materials is balsa wood? I don’t think so. The reason I love it is because it has the beautiful look of wood, but is incredibly easy to cut through and turn into something else. The other day I was wrapping up a present for a friend […]