Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful holiday season!¬† Thank you so much for your support over the last year! I’m so grateful to have you all in my life. and can’t wait to share a new year with you. I have some exciting things planned and hope you come along for the ride. Lots […]

postcard swap, part 2.

Back in early February, I took part in a postcard swap arranged by Artists in Blogland. I showed my three postcards here, and today I will show the ones I received. So far I have only gotten two of the three cards, but I don’t want to hold off any longer. This beautiful card was […]

postcard swap, part one

In February I took part in a postcard swap arranged by Artists in Blogland. I’m still waiting for the third and final postcard to arrive, so I don’t want to post the ones I received yet, but I can show the ones I sent out ūüôā The only rules were that they had to be […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I’m taking a few days off to enjoy this time with my family. See you on the other side. Carin, xx

Have a sweet Christmas lollipop card

  So a couple of weeks ago I asked my more experienced school mum friends on Facebook if they tip the lollipop lady/man (school crossing guard) at Christmas. They¬†didn’t¬†really¬†know, most drive to school, but¬†a relative joked I should give¬†him/ her¬†a card and a lollipop. That’s when I remembered this lollipop card. We don’t really do […]

Scandinavian style felt star card

It’s that time of the year again when I pull out the warm, fussy felt and play. I promised myself I wouldn’t make any Christmas cards this year, but since this felt star card¬†(and its many sisters) started its life as a mistake made good, I think I’m excused. I was making some Scandinavian style […]

cross-stitch: Christmas reindeer card

¬† With Aoife back at preschool, the studio is once again a hive of activity. I have several projects in various stages of completion that I look forward to showing you over the next couple of weeks. The evenings are still reserved for cross-stitching though (when I can stay awake long enough!). Just like in […]

Presents cross-stitch card

Another quickie cross-stitch kit that I’ve made¬†in the last few days, but this¬†time in the shape of¬†a card. It had been hiding in my stash of kits for a year or two now, so it was very nice to finally dust off and make.¬†I have been trying to stitch entirely from stash since early 2009 […]

Santa’s list cross-stitch card

Shown a¬†little later than planned, but Aoife¬†is quite poorly, so¬†our lives are all about kisses and cuddles, comfort and power naps at the moment. Crafting can wait. Anyway, this is the last¬†freebie card set design I’ll show you from Enjoy cross stitch at Christmas 2009 for a while.¬†Now let’s see what next week brings. Have […]

Christmas penguin cross-stitch card

Or the wing wing as my daughter calls it. She’s also turning into quite the photography assistant (start them young I say!) as you can see! Great close up there, hon! ¬† The design is once again from Enjoy cross stitch at Christmas 2009. I think I only have one design left to show you […]