Make beautiful embossed Christmas gift tags

When I made the embossed tins the other week, I loved the look and feel of the embossed canvas pieces I wrapped around the tins. I had some big scraps of sticky back canvas left over, so I decided to make Christmas gift tags too. I’m so glad I did. They only took about 10-15 minutes to make and […]

DIY silhouette Christmas ornaments

Hey lovelies, Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. But I’m back today with a lovely little memory-keeping craft for the holidays- silhouette Christmas ornaments. Do you like silhouettes? I love them. I always have and always will. They’re so simple, but say so much. I use them a lot in my art journals for […]

Make cute embossed tins for Christmas

I did a complete inventory of all my craft supplies when I did up my craft room back in the spring and found lots of things I hadn’t used in a very long time, or ever. One of those things was a packet of sticky back canvas sheets from Claudine Hellmuth that I bought to cover some journals years ago, but never did. This […]

DIY photo bookmarks

Hi lovelies, Hope you had a nice summer. I’m so happy to be back here with you! It’s been too long. And I’m launching straight into a fun, easy craft; DIY photo bookmarks. I’m using balsa wood as a base to make them more stable. This is a photo heavy post, but don’t worry, the project […]

Scandinavian woven hearts placemats

It’s November! It’s okay to make and post Christmas crafts openly now, right? For the past few years I have made felt ornaments for our tree. This year I fancied doing something a little different, and adapted a traditional Scandinavian Christmas craft, woven hearts, and turned it into placemats. Scandinavian woven hearts are usually made from paper, […]

Scandinavian Christmas

I’m pleased to tell you that I am guest posting over at the Pickled Herring today as part of Kathryn’s third Scandinavian Christmas series. I have written a tutorial on simple Scandinavian inspired felt ornaments. You can find it here.

Have a sweet Christmas lollipop card

  So a couple of weeks ago I asked my more experienced school mum friends on Facebook if they tip the lollipop lady/man (school crossing guard) at Christmas. They didn’t really know, most drive to school, but a relative joked I should give him/ her a card and a lollipop. That’s when I remembered this lollipop card. We don’t really do […]

Scandinavian felt star ornaments

I loved making the felt heart tree decorations last year, they added the Scandinavian touch I was after and looked really cute on the tree to boot, so this year I decided to make some felt star ornaments in the same style. Nothing says Scandinavian Christmas to me like hearts and stars. And despite my initial […]

Scandinavian style felt star card

It’s that time of the year again when I pull out the warm, fussy felt and play. I promised myself I wouldn’t make any Christmas cards this year, but since this felt star card (and its many sisters) started its life as a mistake made good, I think I’m excused. I was making some Scandinavian style […]

Paper Plate Nativity tutorial

Going through the craft cupboard the other day to find something to satisfy Aoife’s demands to “make things now mummy, make things now”, I came across some paper plates picked up at various church cakes sales and some scraps of stiff paper. I decided we could make a nativity set for Aoife’s room. She does […]