The first step to a more creative life

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I fit art and blogging and all of the other creative things I do into my daily life. At some point that usually leads on to a discussion on living a life we love and feel we were meant for. So many people want […]

Creative dreams: 2012

Mixed media project in progress I’m still catching up on what I’d like to do this year. Today a quick one on where I’d like to go creatively . :: I would like to start blogging five days a week. As much as I wanted to, it just wasn’t possible to post daily before. Now […]

Writing as healing

At the end of March, I had a medical emergency. I was set to go back to blogging after having Kirby, instead I ended up in hospital for a week with a badly inflamed and severely ruptured appendix. Not nice, let me tell you. I have never known pain like it. I have spent the […]

Everyday creativity

I love seeing the surprise and happiness in someone’s eyes when they realise they are creative beings after all. Creativity isn’t limited to a chosen few. We all have creative gifts whether we are aware of them or not. As artists or crafters we often put so much emphasis on studio time that we forget […]

Learning to appreciate the process of creativity

I believe one of my greatest lessons in life is patience. I have always lived with a constant sense of urgency, a need to get things done now, RIGHT THIS MINUTE, and pretty perfectly at that. While I may now finally understand the reasons why, I can’t say it has made my creative path particularly smooth. […]