Monthly highlights link party: March

Hi and welcome to the monthly highlights link party for March! The monthly highlights link party gives us a chance to reflect on, savour, and celebrate the goodness in our lives, one month at a time. Due to popular demand, I’m changing it up a little this month- you can now enter a blog post with […]

November highlights (art journal and video)

November is always a busy month around here. It is flanked by birthdays, visits and celebrations, and there is usually a whole lot of Christmas and new year preparation going on in between. This year seemed crazier than most since a certain someone celebrated a milestone birthday. I’m still trying to catch my breath. For […]

October highlights art journal and video

Walking to school the first morning back after the half term holidays, Aoife asked “Mummy, what should I write if Mrs C asks us to write about our holidays? We didn’t go anywhere.” “Just write the truth, hun. We stayed home all week because we were potty training Kirby, but we did lots of arting […]

September highlights art journal page

September was a lovely month, if very quiet on the photo front. Our good friends returned home after travelling for 3 months, so we had lots to catch up on. Aoife started year two with a new group of friends, but settled quickly. And life slowly returned to normal after a wonderful summer. *** The […]

August highlights

“Mummy, mummy, come quick! I have something really exciting to show you!!!” Aoife burst into the house, her two sidekicks from down the road right behind her. “Come on mummy, come now!” I picked up my house keys and ran outside barefeet.  It sounded urgent and their excitement was contagious. “I can ride a bike […]

Sibling love art journal

Grabbing the opportunity as it presented itself, I decided to deep clean the kitchen while the kids played in the livingroom. Grateful for a few minutes to myself, I dipped my hands deep in the hot, sudsy water, squeezed out the sponge and begun to methodically clean the surfaces. But I was soon stopped in […]

July highlights

These highlight pages have quickly become some of my art journal favourites. I love being able to see at a glance what we have been up to during a particular month. I make them as simple as possible on purpose so that I am more inclined to make them, and let the words and doodles […]

Art journal: In the still

I slip out of the comfort of my warm bed, shivering as the cool air hits my body. Sneaking out of the master, I expertly side-step the creaky floorboards and toys piled outside the children’s bedrooms to look in on my sleeping babies. I smile as I see their familar forms. Aoife is sprawled out […]

May highlights

I art journal for a number of reasons, but one of the main ones (yet probably the least shown here) is simply to remember normal details from our lives…while they still seem normal. I tried calendar journaling as a way to document the everyday a couple of years ago. It seemed the easiest way to […]

oh the places we’ll go

I’ve been racking my brain for the last couple of days trying to think of a nice story to go with this art journal page. I have plenty of undefined ideas to choose from,  but my head has been foggy lately and what I really want to scream say is this… ENOUGH OF WINTER ALREADY!!!! […]