Make a 2016 wishing star

2016 is in full swing. Like many people, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working out my goals for the coming year.  I love my goals. They are a fun and interesting and I’m already working on fulfilling them. But I have a lot of general hopes, dreams and wishes too. I bet you do too. […]

Make an easy bat garland (with template)

One of the things I love about crafting my own holiday decorations is that I can make them exactly what I need them to be. This is especially true at Halloween. Right now we’re definitely in a cutesy phase. The kids are young and we’re not really into scary stuff, so I make things suitable for them. I […]

Make spooky Halloween placemats

Can you believe it? Halloween is only a month away! This year I’m trying to be slightly more prepared than I have been in previous years, including crafting some decorations for the house. I have some fun projects lined up and hope to share them all with you. First up; spooky Halloween placemats for the […]

Scandinavian woven hearts placemats

It’s November! It’s okay to make and post Christmas crafts openly now, right? For the past few years I have made felt ornaments for our tree. This year I fancied doing something a little different, and adapted a traditional Scandinavian Christmas craft, woven hearts, and turned it into placemats. Scandinavian woven hearts are usually made from paper, […]

Scandinavian Christmas

I’m pleased to tell you that I am guest posting over at the Pickled Herring today as part of Kathryn’s third Scandinavian Christmas series. I have written a tutorial on simple Scandinavian inspired felt ornaments. You can find it here.

How to make a fun rainy day felt activity die

Aoife is really into games this summer, which is so much fun. We spend much of our days playing hide and seek, I spy with my little eye, board games galore, and whatever running/ jumping/ dancing game she’s just made up. So I was trying to think of a game to make Aoife to keep […]

Scandinavian felt star ornaments

I loved making the felt heart tree decorations last year, they added the Scandinavian touch I was after and looked really cute on the tree to boot, so this year I decided to make some felt star ornaments in the same style. Nothing says Scandinavian Christmas to me like hearts and stars. And despite my initial […]

Scandinavian style felt star card

It’s that time of the year again when I pull out the warm, fussy felt and play. I promised myself I wouldn’t make any Christmas cards this year, but since this felt star card (and its many sisters) started its life as a mistake made good, I think I’m excused. I was making some Scandinavian style […]

Birthday Crown

I did it! I set my fear of sewing aside for a while just before the weekend to make this lovely birthday crown from Soulemama’s book The Creative Family for Aoife. She chose the colours (and the Swede in me is just a teensy bit proud). It’s not really visible on the photo, but there are three hearts, one for […]

Small felt Christmas wreath

  As my love of felt continues and grows, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I made a wreath. I have been drooling over them on Flickr for months. I had hoped to make one out of felted jumpers, but have not found many wool jumpers in the charity shops (thrift shops) this […]