There’s a famous scene in The Matrix, where Neo is taken to see the Oracle to find out if he is The One (the saviour, who will ultimately destroy the Matrix). She gives him some cryptic answers, which he takes to mean that he isn’t. Why doesn’t the Oracle give him a straight answer? Why doesn’t […]

celebrating 2012: creative achievements

I first came across these annual lists over at iHanna’s a few years ago and have been amazed by them ever since. I love the idea of celebrating what we have accomplished in a year. And as a memory-keeper, I find it a great record too. 2012 was a slow year for me. I felt […]

A grateful heart

Do you choose a word to guide you through the year? What was your word for 2012? How did you get on with it? I am so happy I chose gratitude as my word of the year for 2012. What a wonderful word to live by! As the year draws to a close, I am […]

Welcome Spring

  Spring is by far my favourite season. I adore it. I love the mild, fresh air against my face as I slowly start to strip off each weighty layer of winter clothing. I become happier and more energised with each layer dropped. I love the bright, gorgeous colours of spring. They’re so clean, fresh and […]


Aoife about 12 days old. Alan and I look dazed and exhausted!  I have always wanted to be a mother. Growing up, I allowed myself to feel inferior to others because I didn’t have high-flying ambitions to be this or that high earning job title. My ambition was to be a full-time mother.  It was what […]