Kids crafts: fun, personalised wrapping paper

I love easel paper and always have a roll or two in my craft room. It’ so handy. I use it all the time. I cut off large pieces for the kids to draw on, I roll it out on the craft table when we’re drawing with markers or painting to catch the spills (then […]

7 easy tips for getting started with kids scrapbooks

The kids started their own scrapbooks last year after I saw the idea over at Pink Ronnie and was reminded of my own childhood scrapbooks. Both kids absolutely love it. I knew Aoife would,  but I thought Kirby was too young to get it. It turns out I was wrong! He LOVES it! Aoife loves having somewhere […]

Easter crafts: washi tape Easter bunny canvas

I was trying to purge my craft supplies in the garage when Aoife spotted some small canvases and my box of washi tape and asked if we could make something with them. Not one to turn down an art or craft opportunity with my kids, I said yes, then wondered what to do. But with […]

Easy Lent crafts for kids: paper chain

Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday- the beginning of Lent. I can’t quite believe it. It seems like it was just Christmas! And Easter is late this year, so go figure! My two are really excited about Lent this year. Aoife is starting to get Lent now, and has been preparing for it for weeks. I […]

Kids art kits

Hello my dears! It is so good to be back! Thank you very much for your kind words, thoughts and prayers over the past couple of weeks. Alan and I are very grateful for your concern. We’re doing okay and getting back to normal. Aoife still needs to talk it out a bit more, but […]

How to make a fun rainy day felt activity die

Aoife is really into games this summer, which is so much fun. We spend much of our days playing hide and seek, I spy with my little eye, board games galore, and whatever running/ jumping/ dancing game she’s just made up. So I was trying to think of a game to make Aoife to keep […]

Half term crafting: butterfly canvas

With a baby in the house, Aoife hasn’t had quite as much concentrated mummy-time as she’s used to lately. We’ve both missed it, and I’ve been feeling guilty about it (there’s that darn mummy-guilt again), so I made a point of planning daily one-on-one time with her during half term last week. It was fun. We did […]

Make your own luggage tag bookmarks

Love reading? Always lose your bookmarks, or have too many books on the go at the same time? Looking for a quick gift for grandparents or teachers? These bookmarks are very easy to do. We made them because I came across some ink stained luggage tags when I turned the office into a studio, but I […]

Paper Plate Nativity tutorial

Going through the craft cupboard the other day to find something to satisfy Aoife’s demands to “make things now mummy, make things now”, I came across some paper plates picked up at various church cakes sales and some scraps of stiff paper. I decided we could make a nativity set for Aoife’s room. She does […]

Easy slow baked salt dough ornaments

As a crafty/ creatively minded person it has been a delight to see Aoife being of the same mindset. Every day she exclaims “Aoife (wants to) make things!”. Her favourite thing of all is painting, but baking and gluing come a pretty close second. No surprise then that her favourite holiday craft so far has been making […]