How to make a paper wreath

I have been itching to make a paper wreath for my new craft room/ studio for such a long time, I think they’re so beautiful and they really appeal to my love of texture and detail, and over the last few days I finally had the chance to make one. I LOVE how it turned […]

Have a sweet Christmas lollipop card

  So a couple of weeks ago I asked my more experienced school mum friends on Facebook if they tip the lollipop lady/man (school crossing guard) at Christmas. They didn’t really know, most drive to school, but a relative joked I should give him/ her a card and a lollipop. That’s when I remembered this lollipop card. We don’t really do […]

Scandinavian style felt star card

It’s that time of the year again when I pull out the warm, fussy felt and play. I promised myself I wouldn’t make any Christmas cards this year, but since this felt star card (and its many sisters) started its life as a mistake made good, I think I’m excused. I was making some Scandinavian style […]

Paper Plate Nativity tutorial

Going through the craft cupboard the other day to find something to satisfy Aoife’s demands to “make things now mummy, make things now”, I came across some paper plates picked up at various church cakes sales and some scraps of stiff paper. I decided we could make a nativity set for Aoife’s room. She does […]