Under the stairs


under the stairs

Yay! Things are finally starting to take shape in this awkward little corner under the stairs. I love it!

The new desk is just perfect for the space. It’s nice and sturdy, looks lovely, and, best of all, it fits (you wouldn’t believe how many nice- looking desks I had to reject because they were too big)!!! Next up… a shelf and an office chair. Oh, and finding some way to hide all those cables!

We’re not planning on renovating the open plan living room, dining room, hallway, stairs, and landing for another few years since it’s such a massive project, so I’ll have to live with the fuddy duddy wallpaper and green carpet a while longer, but I’m oh so happy to have my little blogging hub under the stairs!

Happy days!


  1. Carin , that looks great!!

  2. Isn’t that just lovely when things falls into place and you can feel with all your senses that it’s gonna be right.
    Have a wonderful evening!

  3. i so love this idea! i may have to convince the husband to rip out some of the sheet rock under our stairs to create this!

  4. Love when you are able to find the perfect piece to fit! Looks great!

  5. How fabulous is that space Carin… looks so cozy tucked under the stairway… perfect little computer nook… love your new desk too…
    Jenny x

  6. Hi Carin,
    Sharing some love with a Bloggy Award for you and your beautiful blog… the details are here…
    Jenny x

  7. Thanks Marie!

  8. Thanks Laila!

  9. Thanks Anne!

  10. Ha ha! If he’s anything like mine, he’ll curse the day blogs were invented!

  11. Thanks Jenny!

  12. is moderation on?

  13. hmm.. lost my first comment then.. said…
    it’s quite a satisfying feeling when you find a piece that fits in a small or awkward space. well done.


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