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Hello my lovelies!

And a warm welcome to everyone on the Art of Wild Abandonment blog hop! If you have followed along from the start you should have gotten here from Vicki’s at Green Eyed Lady Designs. If not, or you’re not a part of the blog hop but would like to follow along anyway, head over to Claire’s at Creativity Rocks for the first post.

I signed up to the Art of Wild Abandonment workshop knowing next to nothing about it, and absolutely nothing about Junelle, but it looked good and I trusted Christy’s judgement. I’m glad I did. It is a fantastic workshop. Junelle is such a sweetie. She is a gentle and supportive teacher, AND she also creates the most wonderful whimsical art.

One of the first things that blew me away about the class was Junelle showing us how she brainstorms and develops ideas through thumbnail sketches. It was right up my street.

It is no secret that I have wanted to get back into drawing for a couple of years now, but life with two young kids has kind of gotten in the way. Thumbnail sketching seemed a non-scary, and a not very time consuming way to get back into it.

Also, I am a memory-keeper by nature; I have kept diaries and journals for as long as I can remember, I blog, I photograph…and I quickly realised thumbnail-sketching would be another great tool for me to capture those magic everyday moments I treasure so much. To develop later at my leisure.

Some of you have already seen a couple of the journal pages I developed from thumbnail-sketches:

"To God with Love" by Artfully Carin

To God with Love

Summer Lovin' by Artfully Carin

Summer Lovin’

And the sketchbook is quickly filling up with ideas I want to work on. These are just a couple of examples:

thumbnail sketching by Artfully Carin

Brainstorming memories of my (late) dad for later journaling projects

Sketching toys by Artfully Carin

Looking at my 15 month old boy’s favourite toys for journaling later

This sketch is one of “the lucky ones” that I have worked on. It is now a nearly finished journal page:

Seasons of life sketch

The season I’m in (sketch)

Season by Artfully Carin (wip)
The season I’m in (journal page WIP)

So thank you Christy and Junelle, for making me look at my life with fresh eyes so that I can sketch it and treasure it forever.

Now, hop on over to Judy’s.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Carin, love your hot air balloon it’s so cute.The journal page you’ve done tells so much about the things you love-:)

  2. I love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello me! Fancy seeing you here! Now hop on!

  4. Thank you Susan!

  5. Thanks Jo!

  6. I love your “Summer Lovin” page and the pink and blue colors you painted your sketches–so pretty!


  8. You are amazing. I love your sketches and how you have embraced all things from the group. You are simply beautiful!!! Have a great week and thank you for letting us peak into your life… amazing!

  9. Thanks after reading your blog about sketching, you gave me an idea of carrying around in my purse a little mini sketch book to capture all the idea spinning in my head at any given moment. I’m off to micheals to see if they have a thumbnail size!

  10. Carin, your sketches are fabulous! I can only dream…lol and practice practice! Thanks for the support and beautiful work!

  11. Carin you are so right, I was in two minds (like I always am!!) whether to sign up and I am so glad I did, i really think it is the BEST online workshop I have done! The group of ladies that partcipated with us were all so inspirational and willing to partcipate and share this journey with each other and that makes such a difference. I think Junelles’ lovely nature helped lead that and made people feel like they were in a ‘safe environment’ to experiment and play. I love your hot air balloon creation and the beach hut one is one of my all time favorites from the group ๐Ÿ™‚ The photos make it so personal to you and I love the way your journaling curves. You have some great thumbnail sketches in your book, I can’t wait to see how these turn out :)Thankyou so much for joining in with the hop and all your support today on facebook, you’ve been a great help x

  12. Great work! I esp love the page with the photos incorporated…soo sweet :0). Fab sketching too!

  13. Wonderful work, love your sketches and how they develop into art journal pages! I also enjoyed learning about the thumbnail sketches, it’s such a great idea.

  14. Stephanie says:

    I love how you are incorporating your memories into your art. Beautiful work!

  15. Love your thumbnail sketches and the last work in progress… I adore it! Thanks so much for joining in the “HOP” and sharing your progress!!!

  16. Lovely work – I esp. love Summer Lovin’!

  17. Torri Burtenshaw says:

    your hot air balloon is so cute!! and I love your summer lovin’!! you are doing such fun projects.

  18. I really like your last sketch, seeing how it went from paper and pencil to water color magic :). Great work!!

  19. dolores says:

    Wow, your sketching is awesome. Beautiful art too.

  20. I love your balloon! Your art is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  21. summer lovin’ is so precious especially love the detail of the butterfly inside the circle – great job on your sketches too, keep up the good work!

  22. Awesome Carin… I just popped back and had a look at your earlier post on wanting to get back into drawing… just fabulous… and I love the idea of thumbnail sketches… so achievable and creative… love the journal page you created from them… I have been hearing quite a bit about Junelle’s wonderful work… so glad you are enjoying it…
    Jenny x

  23. Himlarns fint du! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I love how you’ve fully incorporated the lessons from this class into your own life and style!

  25. Mrs. C. says:

    I love your sketch book pages. The “To God with love” is wonderful. I can see where this class would be a wonderful help to draw a quick dream to work on later…. mine seem to slip away with the dirty laundry.

  26. Well, I made it! Love you pieces you have shared! Thanks for being the first to post on my blog hop post, glad I was able to get something up so fast! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Janet Bracewell says:

    Just wonderful work! Love your balloon and the houses with the photos. Like you, I wan’t sure about trying this, but so glad we did!

  28. This is awesome! And I never did see that former drawing post (how did I miss that?) – you are a beautiful artist and your drawings are really inspirational. I LOVE this page too – the segmented squares are so cool. xoxo!

  29. Oh my gosh…your thumbnails are so great! I love that you did one and colored it all with similar colors……gorgeous and should be framed just like that!

  30. Wow, your sketches are marvelous! They all look so interesting and would make wonderful journal pages. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like what you wrote about trusting God with all your hopes and dreams and even worries and fears. He’s really blessing your art. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing!


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