Half term crafting: butterfly canvas

With a baby in the house, Aoife hasn’t had quite as much concentrated mummy-time as she’s used to lately. We’ve both missed it, and I’ve been feeling guilty about it (there’s that darn mummy-guilt again), so I made a point of planning daily one-on-one time with her during half term last week.

It was fun. We did a lot of playing, some cooking and baking, and I taught her how to weave, which she loved and has asked to do every day since. We also made this super cute butterfly canvas.

how to make butterfly canvas

Isn’t it cute?!

I came across this fun butterfly art project over at Whatever the first day of half term and knew straight away it would be something both Aoife and I would love to do together. And since we had all the materials to hand we didn’t waste any time in getting started.

Aoife began by painting the canvas with acrylic craft paint.

how to make butterfly canvas 1

While that dried, she loosely covered a sheet of watercolour paper with watercolours. I had to reminder her that it would be cut up later.

how to butterfly canvas 2

She then punched out lots of butterflies. I showed her how to get the most out of the paper, and she loved seeing how different each butterfly turned out.

how to make butterfly canvas 3

I then showed Aoife how to gently bend the butterflies in the centre to give them a bit of a raised effect before gluing them on.

how to make butterfly canvas 4

And here’s the finished canvas.

how to make butterfly canvas 5

how to make butterfly canvas 6

See how easy it is to make?! Yet it was a lot of fun to do and created a really cool art piece for her new bedroom (but that’s a whole different post or two, so I’ll spare you the details of that today).

Go on now! You know you want to try this yourselves!


  1. Well done you for making time to be doing such fun things with Aoife – I love her butterfly canvas. It’s so easy to get caught up in ‘baby-world’, so it’s particularly brilliant that you’ve had special mum-daughter time.

  2. I love this!! How fun and pretty!! And she looks so proud of her new art piece!!

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