Dreaming of drawing

Growing up, I was rarely without a pen or pencil in my hand. I loved drawing and would draw on any paper available. I thought they were all lost, but recently, during a clear out, I came across a bunch of drawings from my teens and twenties. Such a wonderful treasure to unearth, and very emotional. These are some of them:

Drawing of girl
“Sandra” 1986

Drawing of Greek man
“Greek Man”  1994

Drawing of French man
“French Man” 1994

Drawing of a vase
“Vase” 2002 

Drawing of installation art from Tate Modern
“Tate Modern” 2002 

(detail of an exhibit I went to see at Tate Modern back in 2002- some big red thing which took up the whole space, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called)

For someone who doesn’t like drawing faces a whole lot, I  sure chose to draw them a lot. I found several. I also found several torn out magazine pages of people with interesting faces who I wanted to draw.

I don’t really know, or care, why I stopped drawing. Just life getting in the way I guess. But seeing these long lost friends again have made me crave drawing. I’ve been reminded of the joy I used to feel with a pencil in my hand and a white page to fill, the thrill of seeing awkward- looking lines transformed by shading and a relative likeness appearing before my eyes. 

What long forgotten interest or passion do you want to rekindle today?


  1. what a lovely find..every time I go to my mums she brings down stuff I have done years ago..every Christmas I used to get the latest craft gift from making drawings with sequins and pins to plasticraft using resin!

  2. Wonderful drawings!! I hope you decide to do more. You obviously have a talent.

  3. I really like the French man. I wish I could find my old drawings…I think they are in the garage somewhere. When I was a teenager I drew and sometimes painted faces and roses a lot. Faces are HARD!
    I have too many long lost passions to rekindle, and I’m dabbling a little in a few of them, trying to focus on writing and piano for now. But I finally got an art journal and some new paint brushes, so will hopefully play with that some more.

  4. some passions we leave for terrible reasons, but sometimes it’s just the ebb and flow of life.
    i’m not a drawer, but i’ve discovered that i enjoy doodling, mandalas, that sort of thing, for drawing…. brings all the joy back for me. it’s just having a pencil/pen in hand and making a mark.
    enjoy yourself!

  5. yay, comment worked! lol

  6. Thanks Janet! very kind of you!

  7. Thanks Lisa!
    Roses are hard too, though I’ve done a few. I think we’re naturally drawn (no pun intended)to the things that we find a bit challenging. Gives us a chance to practise. Either that or we’re suckers for punishment lol.
    I have that problem too. I have so many interests that I have to focus on a few things at a time or I’d get completely overwhelmed.

  8. Thanks Mon! I love doodling too, it’s very meditative.

  9. Yay. Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on. As far as I’m aware you’re the only one who seems to have probs commenting/ get the many & dodgy capchas.

  10. I’ve brought all my stuff over from Sweden now, but mum still finds and brings over the odd thing she’s found in a clear out- it’s fun!

  11. Hi Carin…
    This was a lovely post! i would be lost without my drawing journals and memories! you be sure and pick it up again! yes, that’s an order!
    i basically don’t let any of my passions die out..or fade away…so as far as rekindling anything…i’d have to say my exercise regime has fallen by the way side!…that would be a good thing to pick up!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  12. Thanks Carmelina! Order understood lol.!
    Good on you for not letting your passions die out or fade away! But, ahem yes, I know where you’re coming from with the exercise!


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