How to make a fun rainy day felt activity die

how to make fun rainy day felt activity die

Aoife is really into games this summer, which is so much fun. We spend much of our days playing hide and seek, I spy with my little eye, board games galore, and whatever running/ jumping/ dancing game she’s just made up.

So I was trying to think of a game to make Aoife to keep her moving indoors even on the wettest of days (it is raining a lot  this summer and she’s a real bundle of energy), and which preferably only used scraps from my stash.

I thought she’d like this felt activity die.

It was inspired by something similar seen on Cbeebies this spring (which is kind of funny since it was made to keep her away from the telly), which I thought Aoife would like.

And she does. She absolutely loves it.

how to make fun rainy day felt activity dieDo you want to make one too?

You’ll need:

how to make fun rainy day felt activity die

Paper and pencil, or letter templates


Felt scraps for 6 squares

Felt (or fabric) scraps for letters

Embroidery floss


Buttons (optional)

How to make them:

1.  Cut out 6 felt squares of equal size.

(I had some some A4ish sheets of felt in my stash so I just folded them over like a triangle so the edges met, then cut off the excess to give me a square. That also left enough scrap felt for letters)

2. Make letter templates on your piece of paper, then cut out. Or use ready made.

3. Pin letter templates to scrap pieces of felt or fabric and cut out. Sew on buttons, if using.

how to make fun rainy day felt activity die

4. Centre the words on your felt squares and sew on.

(I hand-stitched mine)

how to make fun rainy day felt activity die

5. Arrange your squares like a cross (4 squares high, with a square either side of the second or third one up) in the order you’d like them to be, then join all sides bar one.

(I used blanket stitch)

6. Stuff the cube tightly.

7. Finish off the last edge the same way as the others.

how to make fun rainy day felt activity dieEnjoy!

how to make fun rainy day felt activity die





  1. Oh I LOVE this so much! It is so Fabulous! I love the whole idea and the execution is just perfect – and so are your pictures – you have a happy girl there 😉 And congrats on staying out your first night!!! I hope you had so much fun – the wedding looked beautiful, xoxo

  2. nice idea. once they’re reading kids can play on their own too.

  3. This is so cute and what a great indoor activity. Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial. Aoife has grown this summer too. I’m just now making my rounds of blog reading after our summer break and I’m surprised how everyone has grown this summer. Hope you’ve had a great one.

  4. Thanks Kristin! And thanks! And thanks again! xo

  5. She knows it by colour right now, so I’m glad I made all the sides different colours.

  6. Thanks Valerie! I know, she grows like a weed!

  7. Oh what a lovely craft! I might even be able to pull it off! I’m going to pin it promptly!!!

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