Make your own luggage tag bookmarks

luggage tag bookmarks by Artfully Carin

Love reading? Always lose your bookmarks, or have too many books on the go at the same time? Looking for a quick gift for grandparents or teachers? These bookmarks are very easy to do. We made them because I came across some ink stained luggage tags when I turned the office into a studio, but I think they are quite a good idea anyway.


Luggage Tag Bookmark Supplies

Luggage tags



inks (optional)

Stamps (optional)

Selection of inchies (pictures measuring 1″ x 1″)

Metal ruler



Cutting tool

Strong adhesive

String, embroidery floss, ribbon, or similar

How to make them:

1. Prepare the luggage tag. Remove the string and put aside for another project. Place some of the inchies on the tag until you find a layout you like. Measure and mark the desired width of the border around the inchies, remove and trim tag accordingly. Gesso both sides of the tag, drying in between.

2. Paint backgrounds on both sides of the tag, and dry. Stamp randomly (optional).

Stamped Luggage tag bookmarks

3. Glue inchies in place. Ink edges of tag if you so wish (Aoife didn’t!)

4. Make tassle. String threads through the hole of the luggage tag and tie knots.

Personalised luggage tag bookmark

Voila! You’re done!


:: Print out words  or names and stick to one or both sides of bookmarks. For example: the names of your favourite books or authors, the names of family members or the person you are going to give the bookmark to.  

Luggage Tag Bookmarks Back

Aoife and I made these together, so they are easy enough for small children to do with help. They are also easily glammed  up for a more grown up look should you wish to make them yourself.


  1. That is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing it with us. I’m always in need of a bookmark….I read a lot!

  2. Thanks Janet!

  3. i love bookmarks, it’s a craty project i always have at the back of my mind. these turned out nice. i like the idea of pics of the kiddos.

  4. these are great and what a good idea to get children to read

  5. These are so beautiful! What a great idea, Kristin xo

  6. I love this idea and I always seem to need bookmarks! Perfect. And I love the fun colors on your journal for Artistic mother.
    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. I can’t wait to use the papers, and I’m so excited that I joined this group!

  7. Hi Carin! Saw your comment right before mine over at Clover Lane today so thought I’d stop on by…I love the bookmarks, they’re so pretty and simple.

  8. Thanks Mon! I did consider adding in some clip art pics, but in the end I preferred using Aoife’s sweet face!

  9. Yes. I hadn’t even thought of that when I made them but Aoife wanted a couple for her story books straight away and it has made reading a little more exciting (she loves books anyway)

  10. Thanks Kristin! I’m sure they’d look good with crystals too!

  11. Thanks E!
    The words on the last picture are actustually printed on one of my AM papers so they come in very handy indeed!

  12. Thanks Lisa!

  13. That is great. We love to make bookmarks, but have never done it with the tags like that. The kids do them every year for Valentines for their classes; it’s tradition.

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